i probably shouldn’t have eaten a super burrito before a date.


New words to describe my lifestyle/ agenda: violently feminine and dangerously delicious.


i don’t really get the FKA twigs hype tbh……..

Embrace your stretchies

someone left a weird note on my car and I got a kid rock tape
my boss is cracking up looking at cat memes on tumblr so i’m gonna take that as a cue to stop working
On criticizing israel


I’m horrified by Israel’s actions. I’m culturally Jewish, but I identify as an atheist, study Arabic literature at university, and can’t support Zionism. I’m surrounded by people who think I’m a “bad Jew” if/when I criticize Israel. What’s the politest way to tell them to fuck off?

Fuck being polite. Get loud and stay angry. Anyone who supports Israel’s crimes of apartheid (and more recently, genocide) against the Palestinian people is on the wrong side of history.

If you’re surrounded by hardline assholes who think you’re a “bad Jew” for criticizing Israel, then show them these horrifying war photos from Gaza. (Warning: they are extremely graphic. I’m not kidding. The images are gruesome, and they will fucking haunt you.)

Tell them that if being a “good Jew” means blindly supporting Israel’s murder of innocent civilians (many of whom are children), then you’re proud to be a “bad Jew.” Tell them that criticizing the State of Israel isn’t the same thing as criticizing the Nation of Israel, and tell them that it’s every citizen’s duty to protest the unjust actions of their government.


Nice f. me


I don’t care if I posted a virtually identical selfie yesterday my skin looks so good